Hometown Value Magazine


Hometown Value Magazine

Over 32 years of helping Anne Arundel County Businesses Gain Customers

Advertising Designed For Results!

Lost Cost/High Value

Less than a penny per house mailed with strong regional coverage.

Full Color, Glossy Magazines

Attractive professional look for your business. The best in our industry.

Extend Shelf Life & Response

Glossy magazines stay in the house longer.

Local Advertisers

Consumers love the local values.

Hometown Name

Town name right on the masthead, consumers know it's local.

Ad Design Included

Professional eye catchy ad design.

Your Customers Love Coupons!

Coupon do 3 things that will help your business gain customers. 

Coupons will:

Give up a little bit of profit for more volume! Coupons Work!

Spend Your Advertising Dollars Wisely.

How Do We Create Shelf Life?

Your customers Love Coupons!

Coupons do 3 things that will help your business gain customers

Spend your advertising dollars wisely

You don’t need to have your ad direct mailed 10-12 times per year, our magazine only mail 5 times per year. The hometown value magazine offers an incredibly long shelf-life for your advertising. Therefore we don’t need to mail as often.

Best Magazines Make a Great Gift

Order soon to receieve your magazine

I have been advertising with Jeff since 1991. From the beginning, I loved the look of the magazine and the fact that it was local. We sat down right away and came up with 2 offers. To this day we still have the same offers that work really well for us. I really appreciated the help and am glad Jeff handles my advertising. The magazine and offers worked so well for me that after the third year I added another mail zone. To my surprise that area has surpassed my expectations.

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