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Over 32 years of helping Anne Arundel County Businesses Gain Customers

Adam's Ribs

I have been advertising with Jeff since 1991. From the beginning, I loved the look of the magazine and the fact that it was local. We sat down right away and came up with 2 offers. To this day we still have the same offers that work really well for us. I really appreciated the help and am glad Jeff handles my advertising. The magazine and offers worked so well for me that after the third year I added another mail zone. To my surprise that area has surpassed my expectations.

Joe – Adam’s Ribs

Side Street Framers

As one of the first customers in the Severna Park magazine, a custom frame store, color and clarity of ads are very important to us. Jeff’s magazines have always delivered on the quality of print and graphics. Since the beginning, we have kept track of the coupons that come in. His magazine has outperformed any other advertising every year from the beginning. We now are advertising in three different areas.

Barbara and Dawn – Side Street Framers

The Cottage

We have been consistently advertising in the magazine for years. When we started we only had a 1/6 page coupon. It worked so well that we increased the size of the ad to a 1/3 page immediately. After a couple of years of great returns, I wanted to be on the back cover. When I asked about it, Jeff told me it may be years before it opens up. Well after 5 years it did open up and I have had the back cover since. Now I even buy the custom front covers twice a year. We put alot of information and pictures into our ads and his Graphic Designer is always able to make the ads work to our satisfaction. They are the best looking ads that we produce.

Sue – The Cottage

Ledo Pizza Crofton

I have been advertising our Crofton location in Croton magazine for years. I like the frequency of reaching the community in a high-quality publication. The fact that it only comes out 5 times a year is great. The consumers must really use the magazine because I continue to get coupons all the way up to the expiration date. I vary my 3 offers and occasionally change them but no matter what offers I use, I get a ton in return. The glossy paper really makes our food look amazing and delicious. The whole package of the magazine is a winner. Keep up the good work.

Scott – Ledo Pizza Crofton

The Shoe Specialist

I have consistently been in the Hometown Value Magazine since they started in Severna Park 30 years ago. I know when the magazine is mailed because I immediately get phone calls and customers using the coupons in the store. I get a lot of new customers from the ads every year. This magazine has really helped me build my business over the years.

We are a very specialized business and I think because of the variety and amount of businesses in the magazine that my ad is seen more than in other places I have advertised. That’s why I am a consistent advertiser.

Coleman – The Shoe Specialist

Billy's Hearth & Fireplaces

We don’t really advertise a lot, but over the years I have found that The Hometown Value Magazine gets us results. That is why it is the only consistent advertising that we do, I stay in all 5 issues every year. It is very important to me that when we do advertise I need to have our fireplaces look great in the ads we run. Hometown has consistently done that with my ads. The pictures of our fireplaces really show up nice and allow the consumers to see the top-quality fireplaces that we sell.

Kim – Billy’s Hearth & Fireplaces